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Asian Pears

Sweet smelling and just firm enough, Fruit Patch Asian pears are a delicious treat for fruit lovers.

Pack Styles

All Asian Pears packed with socks

1-Layer Euro

Euro flat js

1-Layer Shoebox

Shoebox 1-Layer FP
Net Weight 14 - 16 lbs Net Weight 9 - 11 lbs
Box Dimension L 24" x W 16" x H 3.75" Box Dimension L 12" x W 20" x H 3.75" or 4.5"
Boxes per Pallet 90 Boxes per Pallet 128 / 144
Boxes per Layer 5 Boxes per Layer 8

2-Layer Shoebox

Shoebox 7FP    
Net Weight 18 - 22 lbs    
Box Dimension L 12" x W 20" x H 5" - 7.5"    
Boxes per Pallet 88    
Boxes per Layer 8    

PLU Codes

Commodity Sticker Name Sizes PLU
Asian Pear Yellow Asian Pear All Sizes 4407
Asian Pear Brown Asian Pear All Sizes 4408

Sizing Guide

Size 2-Layer Equivalent Approx. Diameter (Inches) Approx. Diameter (Milimeters)
8   4.5 114.3
10   4.25 107.95
12 24 3.75 95.25
14 28 3.5 88.9
16 32 3.25 82.55
18 36 3 76.2

To accommodate every pack style, the sizing system used by the industry today is regulated to the maximum number of pieces in a 16 pound sample. Weight-counts are set for each size designation and are regulated by the industry through third-party inspection at the time of packing. Approximate minimum diameters have been determined for each size but the true standard of size is the weight count sample.

Point of Sale

From display bins to point of sale materials to clam shell packaging, Fruit Patch can customize a marketing program to meet a variety of needs.

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